Katie Hogan

School may do a fine job of giving you an education; unfortunately, nothing really prepares you for the real world other than actually working in it. There are no textbooks that tell you how to work with different types of people, or how to think on your feet. At UCOMM, you learn just that. This is an environment where you get to dip your toes in a little bit of everything. There were days I spent learning how to format emails and others where I spoke to high-ranking union leaders.

James Marks

This is a great internship opportunity. Since I have started I have gained a great amount of experience that I could not get anywhere else. I am learning new things every week. I joined the UCOMM Media Group team as a videographer but that isn’t the only experience I received. I have learned how to update websites, communicate better, talk on the radio and become a better writer, and am now aware of social activism. Something different happens every day and the office is always lively. This is a once in a lifetime experience that you can only get from interning with UCOMM.

Paul Ruban

Since joining the UCOMM team in 2013 I took the lead with UCOMM's social media presence. While this is still a learning environment, it has been a great experience to be able to leverage the power of social media to accomplish goals set forth by organized labor. Social media has grown to be a communications tool used by all generations and it continues to educate and direct the conversation of the masses. I'm also tasked with covering press events and producing content that truly matters to working people.

Jackie Warren

Interning at UCOMM Media Group provided me with opportunities and experiences that no professor and no classroom environment could ever teach. UCOMM gives you a taste of everything - from the podcast, to going on location for photographs, audio interviews, and video footage, there is something new every single day. That's the part I loved the most, the fact that each day offered a new task.