UCOMM has been retained to assist the Labor, Education and Community Services Agency (LECSA) in creating marketing materials to bring more unions and employers into their program. LECSA provides important services to members dealing with personal issues from addiction to mental health issues, to divorce and housing issues and many more. UCOMM is working with LECSA and union Presidents, representatives, and employers to put together a series of videos and promotional materials that showcase the great work that the program does to get members and employees back on the right track. “Our job with LECSA is to educate employers and union leadership that this program is needed,” said UCOMM Media Groups Kris LaGrange. “This program not only helps to save jobs, but also to save families and save lives. Every union member and employer on Long Island should know about it and UCOMM is going to help achieve that goal.” UCOMM will be releasing a series of videos throughout 2022 highlighting the program. You can see one of the videos by clicking here.