Hempstead Classroom Teachers


For over a decade, the teachers in Hempstead, New York have failed to reach a new CBA with their district – a district infested with corruption, mismanagement, and fiscal oversight. After a series of rallies to draw attention to their fight, the UCOMM Media Group was brought in by their union, the Hempstead Classroom Teachers Association (HCTA) to improve their communications. With a new website and email newsletter that allows leadership to communicate directly with their membership, the union is putting pressure on the district to finally reach an agreement. “When working with an employer who refuses to budge on a contract, being able to communicate to your members and the community is key,” said Kris LaGrange of the UCOMM Media Group. “We look forward to working the HCTA to pressure the district into finally giving these overworked teachers what they have deserved for the last decade, a fair contract that includes their first pay increases in 10 years.”