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UCOMM Blog is a daily news site that covers issues that are important to working people. Stories range from what is happening in Washington D.C. with the National Labor Relations Board to stories about local unions giving back to their community. With over 1.5 million hits annually and growing, UCOMM Blog covers both the news coming out of the labor movement and promotes actions by our clients and the greater labor community. UCOMM Blog is also a resource for clients of the UCOMM Media Group to get their message out there when local media fails to cover it. UCOMM Blog has readers in all fifty states as well as many countries around the world. Some of our biggest stories include a piece from the IBEW on Trump going after federal pensions, a boycott of Amazon in support of workers organizing in Alabama, and a look into the use of non-union labor on the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans that caused the building to collapse. There are many labor-focused news sites out there, but none of them get more traffic and reads than UCOMM Blog.