Laborers Local 66

Local 66

UCOMM Media Group is proud to announce that General Building Laborers' Local 66 based in Melville, New York has just become a UCOMM client. The leadership of the 1,000 plus member Building Trade union has plans of developing its communications to support the various operations of the local union, hiring hall, training, and political and charitable events. "I am excited to start working with 66", says Kris LaGrange. "They are extremely active politically, and they give a lot of time and attention to local charities. This is one thing that makes easily marketable and a positive image with deep community ties. Local 66 officers are really hands-on, so the communications development is already running ahead of schedule." Plans for a new website, "The Laborer" e-newsletter, a promo video and marketing surrounding their charitable events are in the works. is planned for launch in early May 2010.