Field Tips

Use our tips below next time you are on a jobsite

Below are examples of the proper way to conduct interviews for social media. Be sure to hold your camera up and down (portrait style), ask the subject questions about the work they are doing, or have them introduce the crew they are working with. These interviews do not have to be perfect. If the subject introduces others, make sure those being introduced wave back. These video interviews over time will be popular amongst the rank and file.

Suggestion: Have a tagline at the end of the interview prepared, something like. "Local ______: the best union in the world." -or- "Gas Ops, the hardest working gang in the company."

Group Introduction - UWUA 1-2
Individual Video UWUA 1-2
Working Telling a Story - Local 3 IBEW
Group Thumbs Up No Intro - Local 3 IBEW

Shooting Videos for the Website

The work you do day after day is mundane to you, but to others and the public, it is interesting and exciting. So make sure you capture that. Hold your phone sideways, make sure the lighting is good enough and try different angles until you get that perfect shot.

IBEW Local 10
IBEW Local 3
UWUA Local 1-2
CWA Local 1109

Shooting Photos for Website / Social Media

Hold your phone sideways, make sure you are back far enough, consider the rule of thirds. Make sure the sun/lighting is behind you, and that your subject is in their proper safety gear. Notice that with group pictures, make the members fold their arms. Arms to the side is a lazy look.

IBEW Local 10
Local 3 IBEW
UWUA 1-2
IBEW Local 10

Please email with any photos or videos you would like posted to your Local's social media or website. Thank you and keep up the good work.