Shining a Light on The Garden State

NJ IBEW Joins the UCOMM Family

UCOMM is proud to announce another Electrical Workers client: New Jersey IBEW!

Along with Local 94, NJ IBEW expands UCOMM's services through New Jersey and the tri-state area. In addition to being AFL-CIO affiliates, the 20 local unions that make up NJ IBEW's membership represent over 35,000 workers in government, manufacturing, railroads, utilities, and construction. They are organized, mobilized, and politically active all across the great state of New Jersey.

"The wonderful thing about working with New Jersey State Electrical Workers Association is it's something we here at UCOMM have extensive experience doing," Kris LaGrange said. "We understand the political dynamics of working to push legislation that benefit the membership, as well as the internal politics of union leadership involved. Packaging and publicizing the great work this union does not only to itself but also to the public of New Jersey is something we take great pride in doing."

With UCOMM's communications services and consultation, NJ IBEW will be able to grow even stronger and bigger. Like all UCOMM clients, they will receive a brand new, user-friendly website that is accessible via all devices, including tablets and smartphones. UCOMM will also set up a monthly e-newsletter called The New Jersey Electrical Worker, blast text messages, and multimedia libraries.

Together, UCOMM and NJ IBEW look forward to strengthening and expanding working-class power and networks.

Visit http://njibew.org/ for more information.

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