Bay Shore Classroom Teachers

A Union of Professionals Committed to High-Quality Public Education

Welcome aboard BSCTA!

UCOMM Communications welcomes aboard our second teachers union, the Bay Shore Classroom Teachers Association (BSCTA). Located in the same village as UCOMM's office, they're basically our next door neighbors.

BSCTA members teach over 6,000 students in Bay Shore's elementary, middle, and high schools. Like the Bellport Teachers Association, BSCTA supports opting out of the Common Core curriculum and wants to raise the voices of their members, parents, and the children they teach.

UCOMM already has a new, mobile-friendly website in the works along with an internal e-newsletter called The Answer, blast text messaging, photo and video libraries, and standard communications consultation.

"Working with this union is not just an honor for us, but it's personal to me," UCOMM's lead consultant Kris LaGrange said. "This is the district in which my children will be attending school for the next 13 years, and the health and prosperity of this excellent workforce is of utmost priority. This teachers union, as I've come to know over time, is very involved in our community, and that perfectly fits what we do here."

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