Hauppauge Teachers become a UCOMM Client

UCOMM Media Group is proud to welcome the Hauppauge Teachers Association to the team and join the growing list of teachers unions who are communicating better, faster and stronger! We have recently been retained by HTA to assist them in optimizing their internal union communications. The Hauppauge Teachers Association has over 300 members in 5 different buildings - one high school, one middle school and three elementary schools.  UCOMM will work to create seamless ways of relaying news and updates to the members of HTA by building them a state-of-the-art mobile friendly website with photo and video galleries as well as news feeds and event listings. UCOMM also optimized their union logo. We will also create, edit and distribute a professional e-newsletter titled “Member Dispatch” which will be sent to the members on a regular basis. “The HTA already had a pretty good structure in place before they retained us and we were happy to come in and help them upgrade their communications tools. "HTA President Kevin Giachetti and his team did a good job doing newsletters and keeping their members informed through a website. Once retained we instantly rolled up the sleeves and got to work to give their leadership team better tools to communicate to their hard working membership.” says Kris LaGrange. "We were impressed with how quickly they got into a regular flow of constant communications - the HTA membership is in good hands with Kevin and his team."