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Suffolk Court Employees become a client

UCOMM is proud to announce that the Suffolk County Court Employees Association has joined the team, making them our second Courts specific client and our 4th law enforcement independent union.

The SCCEA will be getting full service, from professional e-newsletters, a mobile friendly website, text messaging and communications consultation. UCOMM immediately got to work with the leadership team at the SCCEA, doing a professional worksite photo shoot and media outreach in the first day.

“It was cool how it all worked out,” says Kris LaGrange. “The day after our first photo day, I got a text from President Bill Dobbins. His members at the Central Islip courts saved a life administering NARCAN, a procedure that is not part of their training. Bill’s member went out on his own and learned this life saving method. I told this to the local newspaper and the next day a story made print. The satisfaction is not getting the story, it was helping our client succeed in getting the Chief Court Officer to make NARCAN part of regular training for uniformed Court Officers.”

“Having the SCCEA as clients is also personal for me,” adds LaGrange. “My wife is a trial lawyer in the Suffolk Courts, so it’s nice to meet the men and women who selflessly protect the mother of my children when she’s at Court.”

SCCEA President Bill Dobbins has described challenges in his union;

The courts in Suffolk County, and presumably throughout the state, are crumbling. Staffing is down, security is at its worst, and every single member of our Association is overworked, under-appreciated, and underpaid. Morale is non-existent. Most of us used to love coming to work but now it has become a burden. The Office of Court Administration (OCA) shows blatant disrespect and disregard for us. It seems as though they hear our complaints and simply ignore them. Your union, however, is making it very difficult for them to ignore us. We have been hard at work over the last three months getting people’s attention and some positive things are taking place.

UCOMM is proud that we were retained by the elected SCCEA leadership to help them achieve their goals and get these hardworking men and women the respect they deserve. 

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